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An individuals commissioned in the Reserve Force, AFP and the sources of which are as follows:


  • Commissioned Officers under PD 1908 as implemented by Cir 30, GHQ, AFP dtd 7 December 1987 (Subject:  Procurement and Appointment of Reserve Officers). 

  • Commissioned Officers under RA 718 as implemented by Cir Nr 19, GHQ, AFP dtd 9 November 2000 (Appointment of Deserving NCO’s in the Grade of 2LT/ ENSIGN (PN) in the Reserve Force, AFP). 

  • Commissioned Officers under PD 190 as implemented by Cir 14, GHQ, AFP dtd 13 January 1975 (NDCP Graduates). 

  • Commissioned Officers under Project 36-70 and AFP Affiliated Reserve Category as implemented by Cir 6, GHQ, AFP dtd 3 June 1995 and as amended by Cir 3, GHQ, AFP dtd 3 Mar 2004 (AFP Affiliated Reserve Units Program). 

  • Commissioned Officers under Section 44 of RA 7077 as implemented by Cir Nr 6, GHQ, AFP dtd 19 May 2003 (Commissioning of Elected Government Officials and Presidential Appointees). 

  • Retired/Honorably separated officers of the AFP and other Armed Forces that have diplomatic relations with the Philippines who were Incorporated into the Reserve Force, AFP. 

  • Commissioned Officers of the defunct Philippine Constabulary who applied for change of branch of service and were incorporated to any of the AFP major services reserve force component pursuant to Ltr Dir, GHQ, AFP dtd 6 Jun 95, and


  • Application for Commission duly accomplished

  • Affidavit of non-pending case duly notarized

  • Bio-data / Curriculum Vitae / SOI

  • Full body picture (All original) (White Background)

  • Birth Certificate (Orig NSO Copy)

  • College Diploma & Transcript of Records (Authenticated by School Registrar)

  • COMELEC Certificate & Certificate of Canvass (For elected and appointment Officials)

  • PRC Authenticated of Certificate & Board Rating (For Professionals with PRC License/Board and Bar Passer)

  •  MNSA diploma/ transcript of records (For MNSA graduates)

  • Advance ROTC Certificate, POTC Certificate and Declaration of Graduation & Order of Merit (For POTC graduates)

  • Physical Examination Report (results of Drug Test, Nuero Psychiatry, Dental, X-ray)

  • Laboratory, ECG, Immunization, EENT (personally conducted in any Private or Gov’t Hospital and result should be validated by PAF Hospital

  • Command Clearance 


  1. Military and civil auxiliaries are authorized or entitled to receive the following allowances and benefits, but not limited:

    • Basic subsistence allowance

    • Clothing allowance

    • Hospitalization/medical care for injuries and sickness incurred in line of duty as authorized by existing AFP circular.

  2. Burial Services

    • The PAF shall provide burial expenses to military and civil auxiliaries in the following instances:

      • Death while on active duty

      • Death due to injury incurred in line of duty

      • Death after confinement due to wounds/injuries incurred in line of duty.

    • The Philippine flag shall be presented to the designated heirs of the concerned military  or civil auxiliary personnel.      

  3. Insurance coverage thru AFP Mutual Benefits Association Incorporated (AFPMBAI). 



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