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The Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) had its early beginnings through the establishment of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) pursuant to General Orders (GO) Number 6 dated 16 May 1949 which gave way to the creation of the first Philippine Air Force (PAF) – Reserve Officer Training (ROTC) Unit which trains PAF-ROTC Cadets/Cadettes. PAF-ROTC Unit was originally stationed at the Far Eastern Aviation Technical Institute (FEATI) and under the administration and operational control of the Commander, Nichols Air Base (Villamor Air Base), Pasay City. In March 1964, the Unit was renamed as Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC).


On 13 November 1979, the Home Defense Unit (HDU) was created pursuant to GO Number 291, HPAF and under the said unit was the establishment of the Reserve Airlift Tactical Support Group (RATSG) which handles PAF Reservists. 


With the establishment of the Air Reserve Division (ARD) on 01 December 1979 at Villamor Air Base, the ROTC and HDU were under the direct control and supervision of the Commander, ARD. Similarly, three (3) Air Reserve Groups (ARGs) were created and stationed at 14th ARG at Villamor Air Base, Pasay City; 214th ARG, Mactan Air Base, Cebu City; and 314th ARG at Edwin Andrews Air Base, Zamboanga City.


On 24 June 1980, reorganization took place at ARD when the HDU was renamed as the Civil Military Training Unit (CMTU). RATSG was made a part of ARD and redesignated as Reserve Airlift Support Unit (RASU) pursuant to HPAF GO Number 195 dated 01 May 1982. 


On 01 October 1986, ARD was re-designated as Air Force Reserve Command (AFRESC) and all units under AFRESC were upgraded to group level. However, on 02 October 1995, pursuant to GO Number 363, HPAF dated 22 Sep 95, AFRESC was renamed as Air Reserve Command (ARC) with the mission "To provide the base for expansion for the Philippine Air Force in the event of War, Invasion, rebellion or Disaster / Calamities" and the three (3) Air Reserve Groups were re-designated as Air Reserve Centers (ARCENs) with additional three (3) more Reserve Centers. These ARCENs were co-located with the major PAF Bases so as to give clear supervision and management on the training of reservists. The following are the Bases where the ARCENs are located.

Pursuant to General Orders # 363 dtd 22 September 1995, Headquarters Philippine Air Force, Nichols Air Base, Pasay City, the Air Force Reserve Command was renamed to Air Reserve Command. The 114th, 214th and 314th Reserve Group were redesignated as 1st, 5th, 6th Air Reserve Centers. The 2nd Air Reserve Center (BAB), 3rd Air Reserve Center (FAB) and 4th Air Reserve Center (ABAB) were organized. These took effect on 02 October 1995.

On 04 November 1995, Headquarters, ARC was transferred from Villamor Air Base (VAB), Pasay City to Clark Air Base, Pampanga.


On 16 March 1996, the RASU was re-designated again to RATSG and stationed at VAB, Pasay City. RATSG was elevated to Reserve Airlift and Tactical Support Wing (RATSW) effective 16 Jan 2004 with GO number 2, HPAF dated 05 Jan 2005.

On 01 October 2004 the 7th Air Reserve Center was created pursuant to General Orders Number 439 HPAF dtd 22 September 2004. The 7th ARCEn was located at TOG, 11 Sasa, Davao City.


By virtue of General Orders Number 273 HPAF dtd 24 July 2007 the Air Reserve Command was re-designated as Air Force Reserve Command effective 01 June 2007.


Pursuant to General Orders # 02 dtd 27 December 2012, Headquarters Philippine Air Force, Nichols Air Base, Pasay City, the 8th Air Reserve Center (ARCen) was organized effective 02 January 2013.

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