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As the President shall approve upon recommendation of the Secretary of National Defense, certain private and government entities, corporations, establishments and organizations at the national, provincial and municipal levels which provide essential public services such as water, light, transportation, and communications which are necessary to support the prosecution of national defense plans or to meet an emergency shall be organized as affiliated units of the Reserve Force.


These affiliated units shall be constituted by appropriate orders to be issued by the Secretary of National Defense, given unit designations, and assigned to the appropriate reserve components of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). The roster of the officials and employees of these affiliated units shall be included in the orders constituting the units. These units shall be utilized in times of war or emergency to ensure the continuous and uninterrupted provision of the essential services they render.


  1. Proposed MOA

  2. Company/Entity Organization

  3. Roster of Key and Technical Personnel

  4. Military Organization Structure

  5. Table of distribution and allowances & major commodity and allowances

  6. Article of incorporation (Private) or Department Order (Government)

  7. Company Profile

  8. Security and Survey Inspection


  1. Military and civil auxiliaries are authorized or entitled to receive the following allowances and benefits, but not limited:

    • Basic subsistence allowance

    • Clothing allowance

    • Hospitalization/medical care for injuries and sickness incurred in line of duty as authorized by existing AFP circular.

  2. Burial Services

    • The PAF shall provide burial expenses to military and civil auxiliaries in the following instances:

      • Death while on active duty

      • Death due to injury incurred in line of duty

      • Death after confinement due to wounds/injuries incurred in line of duty.

    • The Philippine flag shall be presented to the designated heirs of the concerned military  or civil auxiliary personnel.      

  3. Insurance coverage thru AFP Mutual Benefits Association Incorporated (AFPMBAI). 

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